Saturday, July 9, 2011

Windows xp SP3 Performance Edition

Windows xp SP3 Performance Edition..Sesuai untuk kegunaan PC yang mempunyai pretasi yang rendah dan minimum,Really Fast

This  is a FULL Install. You CANNOT Upgrade from previous versions of  Windows. There is no validation required. This PASSES WGA. This works  100 with Windows Update. I have included the CD-Key already in the  install process. This means at no point will you have to enter it. Some  people using Macs or Virtual Machines might need the serial. See  Serial.txt if you do need it. Serial.txt is located in the download  folder and in a folder on the disc/iso.
This has all windows updates through November 2010. This is has been tested numerous times with no errors.
This supports ALL Languages and ALL Keyboard Layouts.
This has minimalist Internet Explorer 6. (Use It To Download Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Etc)
This is the x86 version (32Bit).
Almost all drivers have been stripped from this release. You must install all necessary drivers on your own.
Updates currently work fine and this also currently passes WGA.
This  is set to automatically log you in each time you start up. If you want  to be prompted for a username and password please see the "TJ" folder on  the disc. It contains a registry patch that you can run to have it  prompt for username and password again.
This folder on the disc also contains numerous other little tweak applications, registry patches & More.
I  have integrated the latest DirectX & System runtimes. I have  removed the original Net Framework that ships with XP. Its super old and  outdated.
You can still download and use a newer version however. Just download the latest version from or Windows Update.
This  CANNOT be installed via a USB Drive. Sorry, Critical files needed for a  USB install have been removed to keep size very small


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